Match Process

Valarie Mac standing in front of sea plane.

Recruitment for an EIS officer from the incoming class typically occurs during the annual EIS conference. Primary and secondary supervisors must be able to participate in the match process in its entirety.  Supervisors must be willing to interview and match with any officer, regardless of the officer’s educational degree and background.  The EIS conference is a fun and exciting week but also a very busy one for supervisors.

Prior to the EIS conference, supervisors from prospective host sites develop marketing materials that highlight the position’s strengths and their supervisory style. These materials are provided to all incoming officers at the start of EIS conference. Supervisors must be available during business hours Monday through Thursday of the EIS conference to meet informally with any interested officers and attend meet and greet activities. During these meetings, supervisors discuss with the officers what the EIS officer hopes to gain from their assignment, their preferred supervisory style, and opportunities with the host site. The Monday after conference week, supervisors hold more formal interviews with officers. At the end of the day, the primary supervisor and officers each submit scores to the EIS program indicating their desired choices. An algorithm uses the scores to match officers to positions.