Director’s Award for Excellence in Epidemiology and Public Health Response

(Field Epidemiology Training Program International Night Award)

This award is presented in recognition of significant contributions toward successful responses to public health emergencies (natural and manmade disasters, disease outbreaks, etc.). Nominees can include Field Epidemiology Training Programs or Field Epidemiology (Laboratory) Training Programs who have provided successful leadership in important public health responses while overcoming challenging circumstances. The award is also to recognize excellence in epidemiologic practice or research and contributions that address a public health issue of major importance by applying epidemiologic principles and methods. Nominations can recognize accomplishments that improved human health; made a substantial reduction in burden of disease; or represented innovations to public health practice based on epidemiologic foundations or implementation of epidemiologic approaches. Recognized contributions should be practical, explicit, and applied rather than theoretical or implicit.


  • 2023 Ukraine Interventional Epidemiological Service (IES), Public Health Center, Ministry of Health, Ukraine
  • 2022 Yemen Field Epidemiology Training Program
  • 2021 No award given this year
  • 2020 No award given this year
  • 2019 No award given this year
  • 2018 Brazil Field Epidemiology Training Program
  • 2017 Uganda Public Health Fellowship Program, Field Epidemiology Track
  • 2016 Pakistan Field Epidemiology Laboratory Training Program
  • 2015 Nigeria Field Epidemiology Laboratory Training Program