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A History of Success

Investigating Public Health Threats

EIS has a 65+ year history of success in training disease detectives. EIS officers step up at a moment’s notice to investigate public health threats in the United States and around the world. Worn out shoe leather with a prominent hole worn through has been a recurring visual theme of EIS through the decades, a reference to the practice of EIS officers personally investigating disease outbreaks at the local population level, in all parts of the world.

Each year, EIS officers conduct approximately 80 short-term epidemiologic assistance investigations, or Epidemiologic Assistance (Epi-Aids), worldwide. From the threat of bioterrorism during the Korean War era in the early 1950s to the Ebola outbreak in 2014, EIS officers have been called upon to help CDC protect people and save lives.

Decades of Epidemiologic Service

A Snapshot of Public Health Achievements [2 MB, 10 Pages, 508] highlights milestone investigations that improved health, made a difference in thousands of lives, and effected change in communities and entire countries.