Field Photos

EIS officer at paper mill for investigation of a blastomycosis outbreak
Trap vaccinate release campaign
examining a satellite image map to distribute oral rabies vaccine baits
EIS officers arrive at airport for enhanced rabies surveillance
emergency response trailer being prepared
EIS officer collects data for enhanced rabies surveillance
EIS officers posing in front of mobile testing lab for enhanced rabies surveillance
EIS officer reviews supplies for Mycobacterium abscessus infections
EIS Officers Examining antimicrobial resistance patterns in bacterial isolates
Health register being checked for cases of Polio
test for Blastomyces antigen
EIS officer collecting information on community affected by flash flooding
Inspecting font during a Legionella investigation
American Samoa field testing for dengue
Field testing for dengue
set up for testing station
EIS Officers collecting Lab supplies for American Samoa dengue testing
Examining test results for previous dengue infection
Naomi Hall