Host Site Application Process

Tips to enhance EIS host site applications:

  • Propose full-time supervisors with the required experience
  • Have available staff and resources to support the officer
  • Describe a recent EIS officer’s (or other fellow’s) activities, projects, and publications
  • Describe proposed projects for the new officer to include a surveillance evaluation project, data analysis project, and opportunities to work with public health partners

When a site applies, they are requesting to host an EIS officer who will begin their assignment the following August. The process differs for sites currently supervising an officer (current host sites) and sites without a current officer (new host sites).

The selection process for host sites is competitive and not all applicants will be selected. There are typically more host site positions than EIS officers, so approval to participate in the match process is not a guarantee of matching with an EIS officer.

Current Host Sites

The EIS program will send application instructions to current host sites in December. Applications must be submitted by the due date in January. EIS program staff review and notify sites whether they are approved to participate in the match process.

New Host Sites

New host sites must initiate the following steps 1 and 2 by September 29 to be eligible to participate in the following spring’s match process.

EIS Officer explains study results to CDC colleagues in an office setting.
  1. Obtain internal consensus regarding their intention to become an EIS host site.
  2. Send an email to to notify the EIS program of your interest in becoming a host site. A program staff member will reach out to set up an initial phone call.

The following steps occur between September 29 and January 26:

  1. Complete a draft host site application [460 KB, 7 Pages]. Applications must include the name, background, and contact information for primary and secondary supervisors who will be actively engaged in the day-to-day work activities of the officer. Applications should contain a broad range of opportunities to support and foster ongoing professional growth, development and attainment of competencies, and increase the officer’s job-related capabilities.
  2. Prepare for a site visit. Host site applicants that meet the minimum eligibility requirements will receive a virtual or in-person site visit by the EIS program. During the visit, EIS staff will assess the site’s supervisory capacity; ability to provide the officer with workspace and equipment; and capacity to provide project opportunities.
  3. Submit the application online. If the EIS program approves your host site application form, program staff will provide online application submission instructions via email in December. Submit during the host site open application period provided in the Key Dates section.