James H. Steele Veterinary Public Health Award

The James H. Steele Veterinary Public Health Award is named after James Steele (1913– 2013), an EIS officer who was instrumental in developing the discipline of veterinary public health during his career spanning more than 70 years. This award sponsored by CDC veterinarians in partnership with the CDC Foundation and recognizes a current EIS officer or alumnus who has made outstanding contributions in the field of veterinary public health or One Health disciplines, which involves a collaborative effort of multiple disciplines working to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the environment. Contributions may include investigation, control, or prevention of zoonotic diseases or other animal-related human health problems.

Learn more about James Steele’s career trajectory and influence on public health in the Emerging Infectious Diseases memoriam.


  • 2021 Jesse Bonwitt
  • 2020 Radhika Gharpure
  • 2019 Caitlin Cossaboom
  • 2018 Thomas Doker and Laura Adams
  • 2017 Ilana Schafer
  • 2016 Colin Basler and Neil Vora
  • 2015 Ryan Wallace
  • 2014 Danielle Buttke
  • 2013 Maho Imanishi and Megin Nichols
  • 2012 Barbara Knust
  • 2011 Jennifer Adjemian and Adam Langer
  • 2009 Casey Barton Behravesh and Stacy Holzbauer 2010 Kendra Stauffer
  • 2008 John Dunn
  • 2007 Jennifer Wright
  • 2006 Katherine Feldman and James Kile
  • 2005 John Crump
  • 2004 Jennifer McQuiston
  • 2003 Mike Bunning
  • 2002 Kirk Smith
  • 2001 Kate Glynn
  • 2000 David Ashford
  • 1999 Fred Angulo and Jordan Tappero