Alexander D. Langmuir Lecture

The Langmuir Lecture is the preeminent public health lecture in the United States. First given in 1972, this lecture continues to be a highlight of the annual EIS Conference. The lecture is named for Alexander D. Langmuir, MD, MPH (1910–1993), a public health visionary and leader who established the Epidemiology Program at what was then called the Communicable Disease Center in 1949; he remained as CDC’s chief epidemiologist until his retirement in 1970. Notably, Dr. Langmuir founded EIS, established national disease surveillance for the United States, and led the development of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report at CDC. Learn more about Dr. Langmuir and Epidemiology at CDC.

2023 Alexander D. Langmuir Lecturer: Donald Warne
Doctor Mary Bassett

Donald Warne, MD, MPH, delivered the 2023 Alexander D. Langmuir Lecture, Engaging Indigenous Communities to Promote Health Equity, on April 26, 2023. In his talk, Dr. Warne discussed the impact of historical trauma and policies that have marginalized Indigenous peoples in the United States on public health inequities. He encouraged everyone to consider the impact of pervasive crises, use therapeutic communication, abandon judgment, create a healing environment, and practice self-care. Warne reminded attendees to be aware of our history and cautioned that there is “no path to equity without walking through the truth.”

Dr. Warne is an acclaimed physician and scholar in Indigenous health, health education, policy, and equity. He is a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe from Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Dr. Warne is the Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health and serves as Johns Hopkins University’s new Provost Fellow for Indigenous Health Policy. He created the first Indigenous health-focused Master of Public Health and PhD programs in the U.S. or Canada. Among many recognitions of accomplishments and leadership, he received the American Public Health Association’s Helen Rodríguez-Trías Award for Social Justice and was named one of The Explorers Club’s 50 People Changing the World in 2021.

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