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Paul C. Schnitker International Health Award

Paul C. Schnitker, MD, passed away in a plane crash in Nigeria in 1969. He was en route to serve as a public health officer in the response to famine and other public health problems resulting from the Biafra Civil War in Nigeria. He is the only person who has died while serving as an EIS officer. The Paul C. Schnitker International Health Award, sponsored by the Schnitker family in partnership with the CDC Foundation, recognizes a current EIS officer or alumnus who has made a significant contribution to international public health.


  • 2018 Rebecca Casey
  • 2017 Lawrence Purpura
  • 2016 José E. Hagan
  • 2015 Edna Moturi and Raina Phillips
  • 2014 Eugene Lam and Miriam Shiferaw
  • 2013 Kevin R. Clarke
  • 2012 Sudhir Bunga and Janell A. Routh
  • 2011 W. Roodly Archer
  • 2010 Andrew Auld
  • 2009 Rinn Song
  • 2008 Sapna Bamrah and David Lowrance
  • 2007 Avid Reza
  • 2006 Kevin Cain
  • 2005 Oleg Bilukha
  • 2003 Puneet Dewan, Lisa Nelson, and Pratima Raghunathan 2004 Tracy Creek
  • 2002 Robert D. Newman and Lorna E. Thorpe
  • 2001 Valerie D. Garrett
  • 2000 John MacArthur and Peter Salama
  • 1999 Kayla F. Laserson
  • 1998 Etienne G. Krug
  • 1997 Alexander K. Rowe and Eric L. Mouzin
  • 1996 Peter Kilmarx
  • 1995 Leslie F. Roberts