Applying to EIS

Follow these steps to apply to EIS. You must be willing to commit to this 2-year, full-time fellowship (beginning in July) and relocate to your assignment.

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Class of 2021 Deadlines & Decision Dates

*Dates subject to change*

April 8, 2020 Application period opens at 9:00 a.m. (ET).
June 12, 2020 Application period closes at 11:59 p.m. (ET).
All applications and supporting materials must be received by the deadline.
Late applications will not be considered.
June-August 2020 EIS program reviews applications and selects applicants for interviews.
September 10-17, 2020 CDC interviews applicants in Atlanta (applicants pay their own travel expenses).
October 2020 EIS program notifies applicants of their status (accepted, wait-listed, or rejected).
April 26-30, 2021 (tentative) Accepted candidates attend the EIS conference in Atlanta. EIS program pays travel expenses for the conference.
July 7, 2021 Two-year fellowship beings. New EIS officers start month-long orientation and summer course in Atlanta.