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Preventing Chronic Disease

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Physical Activity and Pregnancy

A new CDC study shows only 1 in 10 women in Colorado with a recent live birth engaged in regular physical activity during the end of pregnancy. Learn more.

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New Papers in PCD COVID-19 Supplement Now Available

Read the articles in today’s release and look for the complete supplement to publish in PCD later this summer.

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Submit Papers for Student-Authored Collection

We're looking for students at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels, and recent post-graduates to submit papers for an upcoming special PCD Student Research Collection. Learn more.

CDC High Obesity Program
CDC High Obesity Program Collection

This collection of 9 articles highlights approaches to improve the nutrition and physical activity environments in rural areas with a high prevalence of adult obesity.

CDC Colorectal Cancer Control Program
CDC Colorectal Cancer Control Program Collection

PCD's latest collection features 6 articles that describe the evaluation of CDC’s 2009–2015 Colorectal Cancer Control Program, including its implementation, outcomes, and costs.

PCD Collection from CDC's NCCDPHP

This collection features 10 articles from CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

PCD Collection Focuses on Population Health Improvements

This PCD collection features 16 articles that explore new partners, new tools, and new strategies to address the chronic disease epidemic in the United States.

GIS Collection Available

This collection of 24 articles highlights the use of geospatial data for chronic disease prevention and treatment.

Collections 2019 Cover
November 2019 was American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

This PCD collection chronicles a 5-year journey of innovative CDC programs and partnerships that build on a new sense of possibility in Indian Country.

Volume 17

ISSN: 1545-1151

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Adult Obesity in the United States: CDC’s Tracking to Inform State and Local Action

Page last reviewed: July 9, 2020