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Updated December 8, 2022

New PCD Collection on Cardiovascular Disease
New PCD Collection on Cardiovascular Disease

PCD is pleased to release its collection, Global Responses to Prevent, Manage, and Control Cardiovascular Disease, featuring peer-reviewed papers generated from authors around the world.

Young man looking into the mirror with a sad depressed face.
December is Seasonal Depression Awareness Month

Gloomy winter months can affect your mood and health, but mental health awareness is important every month of the year. A recent study found that US high school students who spent 3 or more hours per school night using a digital device were more likely to report depression. Learn what experts say could help.

Mom and child sleeping on the couch
Call for Papers on Sleep: Deadline Approaching

There's only one week left to submit a manuscript for consideration in PCD's upcoming collection on sleep and chronic disease. Learn more and submit by December 15.

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Need CME Before the End of the Year?

PCD has you covered! Earn your free CME credit with PCD and Medscape. Browse our latest CME offerings.

Volume 19

ISSN: 1545-1151

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Flu Vaccination Among Adults With Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Remains Below National Goals
Study Finds Link Between Sleep and Mental Health of College Students