The Texas Department of State Health Servicesexternal icon is under the direction of Commissioner David Lakey, MD with a vision of “a healthy Texas” and a mission “to improve health and well-being in Texas”.  That mission includes prevention, treatment, and/or controlling the spread of HIV, STD, and other communicable diseases to protect the health of the citizens of Texas. In keeping with this mission, TDSHS procures, allocates, and manages fiscal and human resources to (1) provide HIV/STD education and information; (2) collect, interpret, and distribute data relating to HIV and STD; (3) provide guidance to those who oversee, plan for, or provide HIV and STD services; and (4) provide medication and supplies to prevent, manage, and treat communicable diseases. In pursuit of this collective mission, we will make every effort to assure that the citizens of Texas receive quality services.

Executive Summary

The Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Plan for The Dallas Metropolitan Divisionpdf icon  [PDF – 157KB]


Below you will find a link to this jurisdiction’s Approved Phase 1 ECHPP plan. These plans are living documents that will be updated by the jurisdiction as new data or information become available. Templates for these workbooks which were developed for this project can be found on the ECHPP Tools Page.

ECHPP Combined Plan: Situational Analysis and Goals, Strategies & Objectives with National Strategic Goals Toolpdf icon  [PDF – 705KB]