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Capacity Building Branch (CBB)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Capacity Building Branch (CBB) is to improve the performance of the HIV prevention workforce by increasing the knowledge, skills, technology, and infrastructure to implement and sustain science-based, culturally appropriate HIV prevention interventions and strategies.


CBB has four teams whose interdependent activities directly address core capacity building assistance (CBA) program priorities. The teams and their responsibilities include:
  • Partnerships Team: Provides programmatic oversight, technical guidance, and performance monitoring for funded organizations within the CBA Providers Network. The team is comprised of public health advisors who serve as program consultants and are subject matter experts on cooperative agreement monitoring; stewardship; and delivery of CBA services.
  • Prevention in Clinical Care Team: Builds capacity of the HIV prevention clinical workforce to achieve success at each step of the HIV continuum of care by supporting implementation of evidence-based behavioral and bio-medical HIV prevention interventions and public health strategies in healthcare settings. The team is comprised of clinicians, health scientists and behavioral scientists with expertise to support CBB’s mission.
  • Science Application Team: Provides technical expertise and builds workforce capacity for the effective and efficient implementation of behavioral and structural HIV prevention interventions and strategies. The team is comprised of behavioral scientists with expertise in diffusion of evidence-based interventions in health departments, community-based organizations, and other non-clinical settings.
  • Training and Development Team: Provides oversight for the development, design and delivery of HIV prevention trainings to improve implementation of evidence-based interventions and strategies by the HIV prevention workforce.  The team is comprised of health education specialists with expertise in instructional design; training product development; and training assessment, delivery, and evaluation.

Key Initiatives

Funding Opportunity Announcement: PS14-1403 Capacity Building Assistance for High-Impact HIV Prevention

CBB funds and oversees a network of Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) providers that deliver services to build the capacity of the HIV prevention workforce to develop and implement effective HIV prevention strategies.

  • The Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) Provider Network, or the CPN, works to strengthen our nation’s HIV prevention workforce, thereby reducing HIV infections and HIV-related morbidity, mortality, and health disparities across the United States and its territories. The CPN provides free CBA services to community-based organizations, health departments, and healthcare organizations to support their implementation of high-impact HIV prevention initiatives.
  • The CBA Provider Service Directory is a resource for health departments, community-based organizations, healthcare organizations, and other partners seeking CBA services to optimally plan, implement, and sustain a high-impact approach to HIV prevention.

Effective Interventions: HIV Prevention That Works

This website is designed to support HIV prevention providers in their delivery of high-impact prevention: using scientifically proven, cost-effective, and scalable interventions targeted to the right populations in the right geographic areas to increase the impact of HIV prevention efforts. Resource materials and scheduled trainings are available for various biomedical, behavioral, and structural interventions; public health strategies; and social marketing campaigns.

  • A list of upcoming CBA trainings is available on Effective Interventions. To obtain more information about training events in your area, visit the HIP Training Calendar

CBA Request Information System (CRIS)

The CBA Request Information System (CRIS) is a web-based application that allows CDC-funded and other organizations to request capacity building assistance (i.e., information, training, and technical assistance).

  • Toward CBB’s ongoing efforts to monitor, evaluate, and improve its programs, the Monitoring and Evaluation Activity oversees CRIS and the HIP Training Calendar; monitoring and evaluation of CBA service delivery; and assessment of customer satisfaction with CBA services.