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During an Incident: Tools & Templates

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Instructions for Extracting ZIP Files

Windows users (Internet Explorer):

  1. Click once on the ZIP file. You will be prompted to save the file or open it. Click “Save.”
  2. Specify the location where you wish to save the ZIP file and click “Save.”
  3. Navigate to the file and double-click it. The Windows ZIP extraction window should appear along with a list of folders. Go to the top menu bar on this window and click “Extract all files” (in Windows 7) or “File” -> “Extract All” (in Windows XP).
  4. Follow the instructions to select a location for the unzipped files and extract.

Mac users (Safari):

  1. Double-click the file to save it to your downloads folder.
  2. Navigate to your downloads folder (it may already be visible) and double-click the ZIP file.
  3. A list of Word documents will appear. You can open them individually by double-clicking them, or you can extract them all at once using the “Extract” button on the gray bar at the top of the window.
Error processing SSI file