List of Tables

Table 1: Examples of Target Audiences and Organizations for Drinking Water Advisory Communications and Potential Agencies for Assisting with this Communication

Communication Target


Potential Agency for Communicating with Target Group


Business community, including hotels

Local: Economic development coordinator, chamber of commerce


Licensed childcare providers

Local: Local public health department and childcare facilities

State: Health and welfare (e.g., human services, social services)

Correctional facilities

Local or regional jail

Local: Sheriff ’s office, chief of police, local emergency management

State: Department of corrections

Food facilities

Restaurants, grocery stores, catering services, event venues (e.g., fairs, sports facilities), bakeries, canneries, dairies, food production facilities, ice manufacturers, meat processing facilities, etc.

Local: Local public health department

State: Health department, agriculture and consumer services

Healthcare facilities

Hospitals, clinics, emergency care facilities, nursing homes, physician offices, pharmacies, dialysis centers

Local: Local public health department, local emergency management

State: List of licensed healthcare facilities


Public schools, private schools, colleges, universities

Local: School superintendent, local public health department

Susceptible populations

Elderly, infants, young children, persons with limited literacy or English skills, disabled persons, immunocompromised persons, persons with limited resources, persons with limited access to transportation

Local: Public health department, social services, community organizations, faith-based organizations


Table 2: Examples of Types and Sources of Drinking Water Advisory Data

Water Systems

Public Health


  • Water Quality
  • Operations Reports
  • Customer Service
  • Reports/Interviews
  • Distribution
  • Sampling
  • Surveillance
  • Laboratory Surveys
  • Logs
  • Archive Review
  • Web Analytics