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List of Figures

Figure 1: Toolbox Flow Chart

	figure 1 - toolbox flow chart showing before an incident, proceeding to during an incident, proceeding to after an incident, and looping back to before an incident.

Figure 2: Range of Situations for Drinking Water Advisories

	figure 2 showing the range of situations for drinking water advisories. Informational, boil water, do not drink, and do not use.

Figure 3: Layers of Communication Outreach

	Fig 3. Layers of Communication Outreach. A circular diagram consisting of 3 concentric rings around a core circle with Water System at the center. First ring out: Primacy Agency. Next ring out: Social Services, Public Health/Health Primacy Agency, Public Safety, Public Works, Schools, Emergency Mangement, Local Elected and Appointed Officials, Other Govt Agencies, Consecutive Water Systems, Adjacent Jurisdictions, and Social Services. Last ring out: NGOs, Susceptible Populations, Community-based organizations, Faith-based organizations, and critical/priority customers.

Figure 4: Issuing a Drinking Water Advisory Flow Chart

	Figure 4 issuing a Drinking Water Advisory Flow Chart

Figure 5: Example of a Simple Map to Designate an Area Affected by a Drinking Water Advisory

	a simple map to designate an area affected by a drinking water advisory