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After an Incident—Evaluating an Advisory

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Post-incident activities are essential to improve, learn, and prepare for future incidents. They should reflect the scope and scale of the incident.

The key is to understand what worked and what did not work during a drinking water advisory in order to improve the process for the future. Post-incident activities are meant to employ a lessons learned approach where improvements and enhancements are discussed and incorporated in procedures for the next time. Everyone who had a role in the incident should have a chance to contribute to the review process. The review should be conducted in a positive manner and should focus on ways to improve performance. Surveys of the public may be helpful in understanding what improvements are needed.

Assessing Expectations

Each advisory incident is an opportunity to compare planning to performance, and expectations to outcomes.

Checklist: After an Incident

Reporting Requirements

  • Submit report to drinking water primacy agency.

Debriefing an Incident

  • Debrief and conduct an after action review with staff and partners.

Conducting an Evaluation

  • Perform an evaluation.
  • Collect data and information related to the advisory.
  • Analyze and synthesize the data.

Modifying Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Incorporate changes into SOPs.

Continued Public Outreach

  • Identify additional communication steps.
  • Follow up with the public.
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