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Modifying Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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Incorporate Changes into SOPs


Use the same approach for modifying SOPs after an exercise or an advisory.

Develop recommendations to improve communication and SOPs using information derived from the debriefing and evaluation processes. Incorporate changes in water system protocols and communication activities. Use a Corrective Action Tracking Form [DOCX – 1 page] and the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Updates. [DOCX – 1 page]

Participants of the advisory and debriefing need to know the results of the evaluation process. Reports should reflect the size and scope of the drinking water advisory and can range from a simple memo to a full-scale report. A report should summarize essential information for other post-incident steps. See the Follow-Up Memo. [DOCX – 1 page]

Routine updating of contact lists is an essential task. Use the debriefing process as an opportunity to improve this resource. Ensure routine updating by including it in regular protocols. Build reminders, such as online calendar prompts, into plans to update contact lists.

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