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Parks and Trails Health Impact Assessment

This website is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

The Healthy Community Design Initiative, also known as the Built Environment and Health Initiative, is no longer a funded program and the information on this website is not being reviewed and updated on a regular basis.


Section D: Additional Topic Areas

The HIAs we reviewed for this Toolkit address several significant issues and provide recommendations directly related to the public health role of parks and trails. Issues include community redevelopment, quality of life, resource conservation or management, hazard mitigation, economic benefit, and air and water quality. Currently available evidence-based data demonstrate the role parks may play in many of these issues. The resources below may help provide background for potential HIA recommendations.

1. Brownfield redevelopment and resource management



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2. Parks/trails and urban heat islands


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Federal Recommendations/Strategies/Reports:

US Environmental Protection Agency. Reducing Urban Heat Islands: Compendium of Strategies – Trees and Vegetation. Available at: [PDF 4.5 MB]. [Accessed 2013 Nov 18].

US Environmental Protection Agency. Urban Heat Island Mitigation. Available at: [Accessed 2013 Nov 18].

Literature from Supporting Organizations

Greenspace Scotland. 2011. Developing the role of greenspace in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Available at: [Accessed 2012 Mar 2].

Groth P, Miller R, Nadkarni N, et al. 2008. Quantifying the greenhouse gas benefits of urban parks. [White Paper]. Trust for Public Lands. Available at: [PDF – 2.3 MB]. [Accessed 2012 Feb 14].

APA Green Infrastructure Planning Advisory Study 2013.

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