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Program Research

The WTC Health Program has funded health research since it was established in 2011. This research defines what we know about exposure during 9/11 and what to expect for those who become diagnosed with WTC-related conditions.

Research guides the Program Administrator in determining what conditions the Program covers and which conditions should be added. It also improves the detection, diagnosis, and treatment experience for members.

How Research Becomes Care

Research for the WTC Health Program is conducted with high standards of quality and ethics. This means that each step of the research process requires serious consideration and review. A team of experts consider evidence from peer-reviewed and published scientific studies to form consensus among scientists and clinicians.

As clinicians learn more about 9/11 health conditions from emerging research findings, they learn new ways to improve treatment. New and important findings are presented to the Administrator before proposing any changes to Program policies.

Information collected from members of the WTC Health program is maintained in accordance with strict requirements for privacy and confidentiality. For more information about how health data is stored and used, please refer to the Member Handbook.

How Can You Help?

In the NY metropolitan area, new members are asked if they agree to be part of WTC Health Program research by allowing their health information to be used for 9/11 health-related research. This information is de-identified, meaning members cannot be identified by researchers, but details on a member’s condition become part of a large data set describing 9/11 health impacts.

Participation is optional. Members who choose not to participate, continue to receive monitoring exams and treatment.

If you are a member who agreed to be included in research, you are helping improve care for those exposed and now sick because of 9/11. You are also contributing to knowledge on how best to respond and provide treatment for survivors of other disasters.

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Get more information on WTC Health Program-funded research and study results through our Research Gateway.

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