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Freedom of Information Act Importance to CDC Mission

CDC has one overriding goal: to protect the health of all Americans. At the core of this mission is information sharing – not just health information and disease study results, but information CDC gathers as part of a continuous process of putting information into action. As a science-based agency funded by U.S. taxpayers, CDC is committed to openness and accountability. To better support CDC’s goal of protecting Americans’ health, CDC FOIA is committed to one objective:

Improve our customer service by:

  • Improving our customer interactions by increasing communications, promptly returning all calls to our FOIA office and providing specific contact information for our Public Liaison on our website and acknowledge letters
  • Streamlining our workflow processes to improve our efficiency and timeliness of responses to requests

Each FOIA office in HHS has a FOIA Requester Service Center that processes relevant FOIA requests.