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Extramural Research and Training Programs

The NIOSH extramural research and training programs include diverse portfolios of investigator initiated research, mentored research scientist career development awards, training programs, and small business innovation research projects. Multidisciplinary education and research centers, state surveillance programs, and global occupational health initiatives complement the breadth and depth of extramural research and training at NIOSH.

A description of these portfolios is available along with links to current performance data. Extramural performance data includes a listing of all active awards, extramural funding summary by activity and year, and research funding success rates. A link to the NIH Research Reporting Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) provides access to reports, data and analysis of all NIH research. NIOSH participates in this program and you can search NIOSH funded reports by selecting CDC-NIOSH in the Agency /Institute/Center field on the query page.

The peer review and program management of the NIOSH extramural research and training program portfolios is managed by the scientific program officials in the Office of Extramural Programs (OEP). The OEP also manages the extramural portfolio of cooperative agreements for the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP). This portfolio includes the WTCHP Registry, research projects, and outreach activities. Please see funding opportunities for current grant opportunities at NIOSH.

Research Impact Stories

News and Notices

NOTICE to Close NIOSH February 2018 Receipt Date

This notice applies to new, renewal and resubmission applications for K01, R01, R03, R21, and R13/U13 applications.

NIOSH is closing the receipt dates for new K01, R01, R03, and R21 applications in February 2018, and renewal and resubmission applications in March 2018.  This is expected to be a one-time notice.

This notice also applies to the April 2018 receipt date for all R13/U13 applications and is expected to be a one-time notice.

Researchers are encouraged to check the NIOSH extramural research webpage ( and the NIH Guide ( for future updates to this notice.

NIOSH is pleased to share our new publication, National Occupational Research Agenda: Second Decade in Review | 2006–2016, a report of the activities, effectiveness, outcomes, and impacts of a decade of NORA work by NIOSH and our partners. The report outlines the progress and impact made in addressing occupational safety and health research needs over the second decade of NORA. In addition to the main report, the Sector and Cross Sector Program Supplement report provides specific results on the work of each of the ten NORA sectors and twenty-four cross-sector programs, which were developed by NIOSH to support the NORA sector goals.


NIOSH is pleased to announce the publication of the Extramural Research and Training Program Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2015


NIOSH Extramural Funding Distribution FY2016

pie chart

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Grant Type Total Awarded n Percent of total
Research and Career Development Grants  $22,307,270 67 23%
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) $2,048,741 9 2%
Specialty Training Programs $5,785,944 31 6%
Multidisciplinary Centers $55,417,158 37 57%
Cooperative Research Agreements $11,562,722 42 12%
Total FY16 $97,121,835 186 100%

NIOSH Extramural Grant Success Rates FY2016

bar chart

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Overall Success Rates:

FY Applications Awards Overall Success Rate
2007 192 33 17
2008 207 39 19
2009 159 38 24
2010 180 36 20
2011 183 24 13
2012 170 31 18
2013 135 31 23
2014 154 26 17
2015 165 20 12
2016 187 11 6

Summary of all awards by type of funding in FY2016

Award Category Award Mechanism Number of Awards Funding
Multidisciplinary Centers 36 $55,417,158
Education and Research Centers Training Grant (T42) 18 $27,956,791
Agriculture Safety and Health Centers Cooperative Research Agreement (U54) 11 $16,041,284
National Construction Center Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 1 $5,750,000
Centers for a Healthier Workforce Cooperative Research Agreement (U19) 6 $5,669,083
Award Category Award Mechanism Number of Awards Funding
Investigator-initiated Research Grants 68 $22,985,270
Research Grants Investigator-initiated (R01, R03, R21,R13, U13) 57 $21,797,538
Career Developmental Research Mentored Career Scientist (K01) 11 $1,187,732
Award Category Award Mechanism Number of Awards Funding
Other Research (Cooperative Agreements) 42 $11,562,722
Surveillance Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 26 $6,761,511
Workers Compensation Surveillance Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 5 $998,279
Agricultural, Forestry & Fishing Safety & Health Cooperative Research Agreement (U01) 9 $2,474,278
Mesothelioma Tissue Bank Cooperative Research Agreement (U24) 1 $1,078,661
World Health Organization Cooperative Research Agreement (E11) 1 $249,993
Award Category Award Mechanism Number of Awards Funding
Specialty Training Programs 31 $5,785,944
Training Project Grants T01 and T03 28 $4,213,119
Miner Safety and Health Training Program Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 3 $1,572,825
Award Category Award Mechanism Number of Awards Funding
Small Business Innovation Research 9 $2,048,741
Small Business Innovation Research Phase II (R44) 9 $2,048,741
Award Category Award Mechanism Number of Awards Funding
Total Extramural Funding 186 $97,799,835
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