Extramural Research and Training Programs

The NIOSH extramural research and training programs include diverse portfolios of investigator initiated research, mentored research scientist career development awards, training programs, and small business innovation research projects. Multidisciplinary education and research centers and state surveillance programs complement the breadth and depth of extramural research and training at NIOSH.

A description of these portfolios is available along with links to current performance data. Extramural performance data includes a listing of all active awards, extramural funding summary by activity and year, extramural research impact examples, and research funding success rates. A link to the NIH Research Reporting Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) provides access to reports, data and analysis of all NIH research. NIOSH participates in this program and you can search NIOSH funded reports by selecting CDC-NIOSH in the Agency /Institute/Center field on the query page.

The peer review and program management of the NIOSH extramural research and training program portfolios is managed by the scientific program officials in the Office of Extramural Programs (OEP). The OEP also manages the extramural portfolio of cooperative agreements for the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP). This portfolio includes the WTCHP Registryexternal icon, research projects, and outreach activities.

Please see a list of all currently funded grant awards and funding opportunities for current grant opportunities at NIOSH.  Additionally, check out the priority goals for extramural research, which individuals are encouraged to consider when applying for grants.

News and Notices

Extramural Grantee Spotlight (May 2021)
Check out the following information in the May issue of NIOSH eNews related to extramural research and training grantees:
Washington State Law Protects Temporary Agency Workers
New Video Featuring Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center
New Training Materials for Heat-related Illness Prevention

Partners and the NIOSH 50th
As part of the 50th anniversary, NIOSH welcomes current and past partners to highlight successes and accomplishments, resulting from collaborations with our institute. Check out the information below from grantees who are recognizing this milestone and showcasing their NIOSH partnerships.

The Occupational Safety & Environmental Health Program Marks 40 Years at Millersville University
Millersville University held an online event April 28 to celebrate the 40th anniversaryexternal icon of its Occupational Safety & Environmental Health Program—a program that is 1 of the 28 recipients of the NIOSH-funded Training Project Grant. The program also recognized its partnership with NIOSH during this milestone event.

Afternoon of Science – NIOSH 50th Anniversary Celebration
West Virginia University’s Office of Research and Graduate Education hosted the “Afternoon of Science – NIOSH 50th Anniversary Celebrationexternal icon” on May 5, 2021. This event celebrated the NIOSH 50th anniversary and showcased the university’s accomplishments through its various partnerships with NIOSH through grants and other collaborations.

You can find more information about grantees’ and other partners’ recognition of the institute’s anniversary on the NIOSH 50th page.

NIOSH Disaster Science Responder Research Program COVID-19 Research Agenda (2021-113) Published
NIOSH recently developed a COVID-19 research agenda to address occupational health research gaps in the context of the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and response. This research agenda provides a high-level framework for planning and prioritizing COVID-19 research recommended, conducted, or supported by NIOSH. You can find this document posted on the Disaster Science Responder Research (DSRR) website. There you will also see NIOSH DSRR strategic goals, critical topic areas, and links to other resources.

We hope that researchers find this information helpful as they develop NIOSH research applications. Please direct any questions about the research agenda to the contacts listed on the DSRR website or to Dr. Elizabeth Maples in the Office of Extramural Programs.

New Webpage for Commercial Fishing Occupational Safety Research and Training Program
Check out our new webpage where you can learn more about commercial fishing research cooperative agreements and training project grants, supported by NIOSH and the U.S. Coast Guard. This funding is awarded to qualified individuals in academia, members of non-profit organizations, municipalities, and businesses involved in the U.S. commercial fishing industry. The Commercial Fishing Occupational Safety Research and Training Program supports fishing safety research and targeted, regionally appropriate training for U.S. commercial fishermen.

Selecting Priority Goals for NIOSH-Funded Research
Guidance is now available on how to select NIOSH priority goals for research. This new tool is intended for NIOSH intramural (internal) researchers, as well as extramural (grant-funded) researchers who are encouraged to select priority goals for extramural research when applying for grants. For more information, see Select Goals.

NIOSH Extramural Funding Distribution FY2019

2019 Pie Chart

data for the above graphic
Grant Type Total Awarded n Percent of total
Research & Career Development Grants $17,185,978 57 18.1%
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) $1,852,965 7 2.0%
Specialty Training Programs $7,154,573 35 7.5%
Multidisciplinary Centers $59,354,207 36 62.5%
Cooperative Research Agreements $9,348,320 32 9.9%
Total FY19 $94,896,043 167 100%
Total from “FY19 Summary Table” $94,896,043 167
Delta $0 0
NIOSH Surveillance and Extramural Programs by HHS Region

OEP US Map by HHS Regions

Summary of all awards by type of funding in FY2019
Award Summary
Award Category Award Mechanism Number of Awards Funding
Multidisciplinary Centers 36 $59,354,207
Education and Research Centers Training Grant (T42) 18 $28,380,942
Agriculture Safety and Health Centers Cooperative Research Agreement (U54) 11 $18,739,554
National Center for Construction Research & Training Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 1 $5,750,000
Centers of Excellence to Promote a Healthier Workforce Cooperative Research Agreement (U19) 6 $6,483,711
Investigator-initiated Research Grants 57 $17,185,978
Research Grants Investigator-initiated (R01, R03, R21,R13, U13) 47 $16,114,847
Career Developmental Research Mentored Career Scientist (K01) 10 $1,071,131
Other Research (Cooperative Agreements) 32 $9,348,320
Surveillance Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 26 $6,816,681
Mesothelioma Tissue Bank Cooperative Research Agreement (U24) 1 $1,081,283
Commercial Fishing Occupational Safety Research Cooperative Research Agreement (U01) 4 $1,225,356
Occupational Safety & Health Surveillance Collaboration, Education & Translation Cooperative Research Agreement (U24) 1 $225,000
Specialty Training Programs 35 $7,154,573
Training Project Grants T01 and T03 28 $4,786,981
Miner Safety and Health Training Program Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 2 $968,000
Commercial Fishing Occupational Safety Training T03 5 $1,399,592
Small Business Innovation Research 7 $1,852,965
Small Business Innovation Research Phase I (R43) & Phase II (R44) 7 $1,852,965
Total Extramural Funding 167 $94,896,043
Page last reviewed: August 12, 2020