Surveillance & Extramural Programs by HHS Region

The information on this page shows where extramural funded activities occur within the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) regions. Specifically, the table below details the areas covered by NIOSH surveillance activities, including the extramurally funded state surveillance programs, and other NIOSH extramural programs. These include the multidisciplinary centers: Centers for Agricultural Safety and Health [Ag Centers], Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health (TWH) and Education and Research Centers (ERCs), along with the Training Project Grants.

NIOSH Extramural State Surveillance Programs and Focus Areas and Other Extramural Programs
National Surveillance Programs* Surveillance* NIOSH Centers and Service Areas Specialty Training Programs
HHS Region State NIOSH Extramural State Surveillance Programs ABLES BRFSS (2013-2018) NOMS (1999- 2014) SENSOR Pesticides Workers’ Comp Research ERCs2 Ag Centers TWH Training Project Grants
1 Connecticut Fundamental-Plus, Chemical Inhalation and Non-Inhalation Exposure, COVID Outcomes by Industry and Occupation X X Harvard University NY University of Connecticut Yale University
University of Connecticut
Maine X NY
Massachusetts Expanded, FACE, Occupational Respiratory Disease, Healthcare Workers X X X NY Harvard, University of Connecticut UMass Lowell
New Hampshire Expanded, Workers with Disabilities X X X NY
Rhode Island X X X NY
Vermont X X X NY
2 New Jersey Fundamental-Plus, Inclusion and Analysis of Industry and Occupation (I/O) Variables, Enhance Current Syndromic Surveillance System X X X Mount Sinai NY
New York Expanded, FACE X X NY SUNY Buffalo
Puerto Rico FL University of Puerto Rico
U.S. Virgin Islands FL
3 Delaware Johns Hopkins FL
District of Columbia AOEC
Maryland Expanded, Opioids in the Workplace Surveillance X X NY Johns Hopkins
Pennsylvania Fundamental X X NY Millersville University
University of Pennsylvania
Virginia KY Virginia TechExternal
West Virginia X X KY
West Virginia University
4 Alabama X University of Alabama Birmingham

University of South Florida

University of Kentucky

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

University of North Alabama
Florida X X X X FL
Georgia Fundamental-Plus, Work-related Suicides, Work-related Asthma X X X FL
Kentucky Expanded, FACE, Occupational Motor Vehicle Injury Surveillance X X KY Murray State University
Western Kentucky University
Mississippi X FL
North Carolina Fundamental X X X X FL
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
South Carolina X X FL
Tennessee X X X KY Meharry Medical College
5 Illinois Expanded, Pesticides, Linking Occupational Surveillance with OSHA Enforcement Activities X X X University of Illinois Chicago

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of Cincinnati

IA University of Illinois Chicago
Indiana X X Purdue University
Michigan Expanded, FACE, Pesticides, Occupational Respiratory Disease X X X X X
Minnesota Fundamental-Plus, COVID Outcomes by Industry and Occupation, Agriculture Safety Policies and Mental Health Interventions X X IA
Ohio X X Ohio State University
Ohio University
University of Toledo
Wisconsin3 Expanded, Occupational Respiratory Disease, Electronic Case Reporting and Data Capture, Infectious Diseases X X X IA
University of Wisconsin-Stout
6 Arkansas University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston TX
Louisiana Expanded, FACE, Heat-related Illness X X X X TX Tulane University
New Mexico Fundamental-Plus, COVID Outcomes by Industry and Occupation, Infectious Diseases X X X X TX
Oklahoma X TX University of Oklahoma
Texas Fundamental X X X TX Texas A&M
7 Iowa X X X University of Iowa IA
University of Iowa
Kansas X X X IA
Missouri X IA
Nebraska Expanded, Health Informatics – Infectious Diseases and Poisonings X X X IA
8 Colorado X X X University of Colorado Denver

University of Utah

CO Colorado School of Public Health
Montana Fundamental-Plus, Surveillance System for Work-related COVID, Total Worker Health Data With Focus on Mental Health X X CO Montana Tech
North Dakota X X CO
South Dakota CO
Utah X X X CO University of Utah
Wyoming X X CO
9 American Samoa University of Utah

University of California Berkeley

University of California Los Angeles

Arizona X X 1 CA University of Arizona
California Expanded, FACE, Pesticides, Occupational Respiratory Disease X X X X CA University of California, San Francisco
Hawaii X X X CA
Nevada X CA
10 Alaska X X University of Washington WA AMSEA
Idaho X X WA
Oregon Expanded, FACE X X X WA Oregon Health & Science University Portland State
Washington Expanded, FACE, Occupational Respiratory Disease X X X X WA
FACE: Fatality Assessment, Control & Evaluation. 1 Arizona participated in the past. 2 There are 18 ERCs with impacts that may reach beyond their respective HHS region.
* “X” indicates NIOSH extramural activity.
Fundamental Programs: Create state employment profile; collect, analyze, interpret a minimum of 15/24 Occupational Health Indicators (OHIs); participate in ABLES, use the OHIs to plan investigations, interventions, policy or rule changes; incorporate health informatics where they can; address underserved populations; and conduct evaluation, communication/translation, and partnerships/collaboration.

Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES) 3 The National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety located in Wisconsin is national in scope.
Fundamental-Plus: Conduct Fundamental Program activities plus adds 2 projects: 1) An in-depth or follow-back investigation activity based on findings from surveillance data analyses or OHIs, and 2) a policy or intervention activity in collaboration with state partners, other state grantees, or other external partners that can impact the surveillance of an identified occupation, industry or population.

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Expanded Programs: Conduct enhanced Fundamental Program activities plus propose up to 4 expanded projects in priority areas of their choosing.

National Occupational Mortality Surveillance (NOMS)
Sentinel Event Notification System for Occupational Risk (SENSOR)