Extramural Funding Opportunities

NIOSH announces its extramural research, training, and conference support programs in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. Links to these announcements are provided in each of the research activity sections below.

NIOSH Sector and Cross-Sector programs have identified priority goals for extramural research to fill important research gaps that are currently not being addressed by NIOSH intramural or internal projects. These goals are available on the NIOSH Program Portfolio page and should be considered at the time research projects are being developed. For further guidance on selecting goals, see the Select Goals page. Researchers are encouraged to identify priority goals for extramural research as a part of their application.

All NIOSH funding opportunities are also posted on Grants.gov Grants.gov is the single access point for over 1000 grant programs offered by 26 Federal grant-making agencies. Visitors to Grants.gov can register for e-mail notification of grant opportunities by category and agency. Previous announcements for each category of activity are available through a “Past Funding” link.

Lastly, you can find common questions and answers here related to NIOSH funding opportunities.