Extramural Cooperative Agreements

Cooperative agreements provide NIOSH with the ability to arrange collaborative surveillance and research opportunities with state health departments, universities, labor unions, and non-profit organizations. NIOSH provides funding for a broad array of cooperative agreements to develop knowledge that can be used in preventing occupational diseases and injury.

Unlike grants which are conducted independently of the sponsoring agency, cooperative agreements bring together the expertise of federal and non-federal researchers to accomplish public health efforts that would not otherwise occur. In order for a cooperative agreement to be awarded, there must be a clear need for programmatic staff involvement during performance of a proposed project. An evaluation is made to determine that the cooperative agreement is of sufficient priority to warrant the commitment of staff resources required for a collaborative effort during the term of the cooperative agreement award.

Current Cooperative Agreement Opportunities

(For previous funding opportunities, see Past Funding.)


funding opportunities
Title Contact Expiration Date Additional
RFA-OH-21-006 Underground Mine Evacuation Technologies and Human Factors Research Maria Lioce, MD.
(404) 498-2575
10-1-22 We are no longer accepting applications for this announcement.
RFA-OH-22-005 Commercial Fishing Occupational Safety Research Cooperative Agreement (U01) Bridgette Garrett, Ph.D.

(770) 488-5715

1-31-2028 Reissue of RFA-OH-20-002
RFA-OH-22-006 Commercial Fishing Occupational Safety Training Project Grants (T03) Bridgette Garrett, Ph.D.

(770) 488-5715

1-31-2028 Reissue of RFA-OH-20-003
RFA-OH-23-002 Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance Collaboration, Education and Translation (U24) Marcienne (Marci) Wright PhD LCDR USPHS

(770) 488-4850

RFA-OH-19-001  National Center for Construction Safety and Health Research and Translation (U54)


We are no longer accepting applications for this announcement.

Sharon Chiou, PhD.

(304) 285-6029

PAR-20-280 Cooperative Research Agreements Related to the World Trade Center Health Program (U01) James Yiin, Ph.D.
(513) 841-4271
12-13-24 Reissue of PAR-16-098
RFA-OH-22-004 World Trade Center Health Research related to WTC Survivors (U01-No Applications with Responders Accepted) James Yiin, Ph.D.
(513) 841-4271
PAR-20-297 NIOSH Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health® (U19)


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Maria Lioce, MD.
(404) 498-2575
12-1-25 Reissue of
RFA-OH-22-002 Centers for Agricultural Safety and Health (U54) Steve Dearwent, Ph.D.
(404) 498-6382
PAR-20-312 State Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance Program (U60) Linda West, MSPH
(404) 498-5767
9-15-22 Reissue of PAR-14-275