Extramural Performance Data and Reports

Performance Data

The Office of Extramural Programs provides annual performance data that shows the level of activity in NIOSH the extramural research and training programs and includes a listing of all current active awards and a funding summary over the past few fiscal years. To access these data, please follow the links below.

Grantee Award Final Reports and Publications

Upon completion of a grant or cooperative agreement project period, grantees submit final reports. Abstracts of final reports are posted on the Internet in the NIOSHTIC-2 Research Database. NIOSHTIC-2 is a bibliographic database of occupational safety and health publications, documents, grant reports, and other communication products supported in whole or in part by NIOSH.

You can perform a quick search of final report abstracts by clicking on the NIOSHTIC-2 link. Instructions on how to search reports by project are available on the NIOSHTIC-2 website.

Active Awards

To see a listing of all currently active awards funded by NIOSH, please follow the link below. This report provides the grant number, title, project start and end dates, principal investigator and institution, state(s) and program area(s) of activity. These data can also be used in more advanced searches in the NIOSHTIC-2 or NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) databases.

Active NIOSH Extramural Awards (1 Oct 2022) [XLS – 49 KB]

Active NIOSH Extramural Awards (1 Oct 2021) [XLS – 53 KB]

Active NIOSH Extramural Awards (1 Oct 2020) [XLS – 53 KB]

Active NIOSH Extramural Awards (1 Oct 2019) [XLS – 47 KB]

Active NIOSH Extramural Awards (1 Oct 2018) [XLS – 44 KB]

Active NIOSH Extramural Awards (1 Oct 2017) [XLS – 43 KB]