Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report

NIOSH Extramural Grant Distribution
Figure 1. NIOSH extramural grant distribution, FY2016
Research Funding by Sector Program
Figure 4. Research funding by sector program, FY2016
Overall Success Rates for Research Project Grants
Figure 5. Overall success rates for research project grants
Integration of Research Goals by Sector
Figure 9. Integrating NIOSH Research Goals by Sector, FY2016
Fiscal Year 2017 Extramural Research Programs Highlights

Fiscal Year 2017 Extramural Research Programs Highlights
Summary of all awards by type of funding in FY2017
Award Category Award Mechanism Number of Awards Funding
Multidisciplinary Centers  36 $58,727,991
Education and Research Centers  Training Grant (T42) 18 $28,351,166
Centers for Agriculture Safety and Health Cooperative Agreement (U54) 11  $18,281,750
National Center for Construction Research and Training  Cooperative Agreement (U60) 1 $5,750,000
Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health®  Cooperative Agreement (U19) 6 $6,345,075
Investigator-initiated Research Grants 45 $15,577,086
Research Grants  Investigator-initiated
(R01, R03, R21,R13, U13)
38 $14,821,134
Career Developmental Research  Mentored Career Scientist (K01) 7 $755,952
Cooperative Agreements 37 $10,196,771
State Surveillance Program  Cooperative Agreement (U60) 26 $6,797,789
Workers’ Compensation Surveillance  Cooperative Agreement (U60) 5 $998,424
Agricultural, Forestry, and Fishing Safety and Health  Cooperative Agreement (U01) 4 $1,099,164
National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank  Cooperative Agreement (U24) 1 $1,076,394
World Health Organization  Cooperative Agreement (E11) 1  $225, 000
Specialty Training Programs 28  $5,172,179
Training Project Grants  (T01) and (T03) 26  $4,204,189
Miner Safety and Health Training Program  Cooperative Agreement (U60) 2  $967,990
Small Business Innovation Research 5  $1,815,720
Small Business Innovation Research  Phase I (R43) & Phase II (R44) 5  $1,815,720
Total Extramural Funding 151 $91,489,747
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The Annual Report of Fiscal Year 2017 was prepared by the Office of Extramural Programs | National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

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