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WTC Health Program Research Compendium Archive

The Research Compendium describes publications on 9/11 health effects. Research included in this document have been funded by or funded in-part by the WTC Health Program. This information supports decisions in clinical care for the population affected by their 9/11 exposure. It is intended as a resource to assist Program staff with

  • planning future research directions,
  • assessing the impact of current studies,
  • identifying gaps in the research, and
  • coordinating external program reviews.

Compendiums are regularly released to describe annual updates in research.

2022 Summary of WTC Health Program Research [Web]
2022 [PDF, 692 pages, 7.5 MB]

2020-2021 Summary of WTC Health Program Research [Web]
2020-2021 [PDF, 603 pages, 8.2 MB]

2019 Summary of WTC Health Program Research [Web]
2019 [PDF, 432 pages, 5.7 MB]

2018 Summary of WTC Health Program Research [Web]
2018 [PDF, 365 pages, 3.9 MB]

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