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Outreach Materials

The WTC Health Program offers a variety of print materials developed for outreach to potentially eligible Responders and Survivors. Materials are organized by theme. Map themed materials ask the audience “Were you there?” and shows the New York City map boundaries that are included in the Program. Portrait and Collage themed materials seek to make a personal connection and show that many different groups of people and occupations are part of the WTC Health Program. Brochure and flyer themed materials serve as a simple handout to help potentially eligible Responders, Survivors, and young adults determine if they should apply for the Program.

Materials are available to download in two print PDF formats; Basic and Press Ready. Choose "Basic" if you are printing on a standard office or home printer. Choose "Press Ready" if you are working with a professional printer. Press Ready files include bleeds and crop-marks.

Most print materials are available in English, Español, Polskie, and 中文 translations.

Catalog of Print Materials

Choose the file format and language you would like to download by clicking on the link to the right of each product’s thumbnail image.