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Federal Register

As part of the rulemaking process, the WTC Health Program publishes notices in the Federal Register , the daily journal of the United States Government. . The Federal Register notice includes information about the background of the rule and its scientific basis. It also explains the agency's legal authority for the rulemaking and includes a description of all of the regulatory requirements and assessments.

The WTC Health Program typically uses the following three types of rulemaking:

  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking—This notice announces the start of the rulemaking process to the public. This notice provides the public an opportunity to review and submit comments on a proposed regulation.
  • Interim Final Rule—An interim final rule is published when it is necessary to implement a rule quickly. This is typically done when the final rule is in the best interest of the public. Regulations that are implemented by an interim final rule are typically final rules when they are published.
  • Final Rule—This notice announces the final rule. If public comments were received on the earlier notice of proposed rulemaking or on an interim final rule, the final rule notice will summarize and respond to comments and will explain any resulting changes to the text of the rule.

The Federal Register notices below contain discussions of each of the Part 88 provisions and provide answers to comments submitted by the public.

Note: For meeting notices for the WTC Health Program's Scientific/Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), please visit the STAC Meetings page . For petitions received and WTC Health Program responses, please visit the Petitions Received page.