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About Research

Research begins and ends with member care

Since 2011 the WTC Health Program has funded research of the 9/11- exposed population. This research fortifies our understanding of health effects related to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, by helping to uncover emerging conditions and health burden, and providing a pathway to improved healthcare for people afflicted from 9/11 exposure.

Member privacy is very important

The Program works closely with the clinics and data centers to make sure that privacy is a top priority in handling any patient data. Individual members cannot be identified by researchers, and details on conditions and treatment become part of a large data set describing 9/11 health impacts. To learn about how member data is stored and used, read our privacy policy.

Decisions require plenty of evidence

We add to the research library when new study findings are available. Researchers, clinicians and Program officials carefully review these findings to inform decisions on future research direction and member care. We share these with the broader 9/11 community, including medical professionals working outside the Program in common research areas.

Check the research home page to stay up to date on the latest research updates and events.

Are you a research participant?

If you are a member who agreed to be included in research, you are helping improve care for those exposed and now sick because of 9/11. You are also contributing to knowledge on how best to respond and provide treatment for survivors of other disasters.

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