Documenting Vaccinations at Third-Party Clinics in VAMS

Standard Workflow to Document Vaccinations

Step 1: Document Prevaccination Actions Are Complete

Roles: Clinic Administrator and Healthcare Professional

Prevaccination Actions will vary by clinic but can include things such as screening the recipient for contraindications, providing the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Fact Sheets, and acquiring authorization, if required. In third-party clinics, clinic administrators have access to recipient PHI (protected health information).

  • Click a recipient’s name in the Recipient Management table to access their recipient record.
  • Click Edit Recipient Details.
  • Record that the recipient has completed their Prevaccination Actions, then click Save.

Step 2: Log Vaccine Information

  • On the recipient record, click the Vaccine Administration tab.
  • Click Log Vaccination.
    • NOTE: If the recipient is not yet eligible for vaccination based on their last date of vaccination (e.g., it is prior to their second-dose eligibility date), a pop-up window will appear notifying you that the recipient is not yet eligible for vaccination. The window will ask you if you want to vaccinate early. If you do, click Yes, vaccinate early. If not, click No, cancel.
  • Respond to the question shown on the screen.
    • If you answer No, the recipient is ineligible for the vaccination at this time. You will be taken to a screen that says, “Because the vaccine was not able to be administered, a reschedule prompt has been sent to the recipient’s email.”
      • Select a reason for the unsuccessful administration from the drop-down menu and click Next.
    • If you answer Yes, additional fields will appear for you to continue the vaccination process.
  • Select the Manufacturer from the drop-down menu.
  • NOTE: Based on vaccine inventory data already logged in the system, the drop-down selections for the next two fields will be dependent upon the manufacturer you selected.
  • Select a Product from the drop-down menu.
  • Select a UoU (vial) lot number.
  • The expiration date will prepopulate and cannot be edited.

Step 3: Select Vaccination Site, Date, and Time

  • After administering the vaccine, log the vaccination by selecting the administration site, date, and time.
  • Indicate if any inventory was wasted during the appointment.
    • If you select Yes, you will see additional fields to detail the inventory that was wasted (e.g., vial, reason, number of doses wasted).
    • If you select No, you will not see additional fields relating to wasted inventory.
  • After logging wasted inventory (if necessary), click Log Vaccine in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Review the vaccination details you entered on the previous page.
  • If everything is correct, click Submit in the bottom right corner of the page.

Backdating Vaccination Events

  • If you are not able to log vaccine administration at the time of vaccination (e.g., due to loss of internet connectivity), you can use the vaccination date and time fields to backdate vaccinations.
    • NOTE: VAMS will identify the individual who logs the vaccine in VAMS as the same person who also administered the vaccine. If you want to log a past vaccination on behalf of another healthcare professional, the next section will give you detailed instructions on how to do so.
  • You cannot use these fields to log future dates.
  • If you are logging multiple past vaccination events for one recipient, you must log the patient’s first dose of vaccine received before entering the second dose of vaccine.

Record Past Vaccinations on Behalf of Another Healthcare Professional

  • On the Recipient Management tab, select Record Past Vaccination(s), then select Record Individually within VAMS. Click Record Past Vaccinations.
  • Search for the healthcare professional who administered the vaccine by name or email address. This can be your own name or email address if you are recording for yourself.
  • Once you’ve found the correct healthcare professional, select their name/email address, click Search, then click Record Vaccination(s) to access the Choose Recipient and Enter Vaccination Details page.
  • Search for the name of the recipient who received vaccine. When their name populates in the drop-down list, select it.
    • NOTE: In order to record a past vaccination for a recipient, that recipient must be checked in at your clinic. The recipient will not appear in the Choose Recipient page if they are not checked in at your clinic.
  • If there is no record of the recipient completing a Prevaccination Questionnaire within VAMS, you will be asked if the questionnaire was completed. Select Yes or No.
    • If you select No, you will receive an error message stating that a Prevaccination Questionnaire must be completed. If this occurs, exit the Vaccine Administration page and complete the necessary prevaccination actions before reattempting to log the vaccination.
    • If you select Yes, you can then select the manufacturer, product, and UoU lot number from the drop-down lists. The expiration date will prepopulate and cannot be changed.
  • Select the vaccination site, date, and time, then click Done.
  • After advancing to the successful vaccination page, you can either return to the Manage Recipients tab by clicking View Portal or record additional past vaccinations by clicking Record Additional Vaccinations.

Bulk Upload Past Vaccinations

Healthcare professionals can bulk upload vaccinations that occurred at their clinic but were not recorded at the time of vaccination.

  • On the Recipient Management tab, click Record Past Vaccination(s).
  • Select Import a Template for Bulk Vaccination.
  • Click the Bulk Vaccination Upload Template hyperlink on the screen to download the latest version of the template.
  • Click the Export Recipients button. In the pop-up window, enter the date range for recipient appointments that you want to export, then click Export.
  • Copy and paste the contents of the recipient export file into the Bulk Vaccination Upload Template. This template has the same first 11 columns as the export template to allow for a simple copy and paste of these data.
  • In the remaining columns of the bulk upload template, use the cell drop-down options and enter data to complete the recipients’ vaccination records. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Save the file as a CSV UTF-8 (comma delimited) (.csv) file. Upload the populated Bulk Vaccination Upload Template.
  • On the Record Past Vaccination(s) page, click the Upload Files link to upload the populated Bulk Vaccination Upload Template into VAMS.
  • To view your bulk upload, click the Bulk Imports tab.
  • On the Vaccination Import list view, select the blue hyperlinked Import ID to view the import file and a results log, which you can download to view the upload status for each recipient vaccination record.
  • NOTE: You can only bulk upload past vaccinations administered by healthcare professional already added to your clinic, for recipients already added to your clinic, using inventory already logged at your clinic.

Track Vaccine Recipients’ Next-Dose Eligibility

Roles: Clinic Administrators and Healthcare Professionals

  • Navigate to the Recipient Management tab.
  • Review the recipient list.
  • Review the COVID-19 Vaccine Status column.
  • Review the Next COVID-19 Eligible Date column.
  • The recipient is eligible for their next dose of COVID-19 vaccine on the date in the Next COVID-19 Eligible Date column.

Search, Edit, or Invalidate Past Vaccination Records

Search for Past Vaccination Records

  • On the Manage Recipients or Other Recipients tab, select the name of the recipient you want to review.
  • Once in the Recipient Record, navigate to the Vaccine Administration tab.
  • On this tab, you can view information on any vaccine(s) administered to the recipient.
  • Click the View Record link on the right side of the Vaccines Administered table for a detailed view of the administered vaccine.

Edit Past Vaccination Records

  • To edit the vaccination record, click Edit Record on the recipient’s Vaccination Record Details page.
  • Update any information you need to edit, then select a reason for record update from the drop-down menu in the pop-up window and click Save.

Invalidate Past Vaccination Records

In addition to editing the vaccination record, you can also invalidate vaccination records that were entered in error from the Vaccination Records Details page.

  • To invalidate a vaccination record, click Invalidate Record at the top of the Vaccination Record Details page.
  • Select a reason for record invalidation from the drop-down menu, then click Yes to confirm you want to invalidate the record.
  • NOTE: Recipients have one vaccination record for each dose received. You can only edit/invalidated vaccination records for doses administered at your clinic.
Page last reviewed: August 2, 2021