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Hookah-Related Twitter Chatter: A Content Analysis


From a universe of tweets posted from April 12 to May 10, 2014, we selected 358,523 tweets with hookah-related terms. After identifying tweets in the top 25th percentile of both number of followers and tweeter’s Klout score, 39,824 tweets remained. From these, we randomly selected 5,000 tweets. Themes were identified; some a priori, others from a review of 300 tweets. Crowdsourcing was used to code normalization/approval or discouragement/disapproval of hookah smoking in 4,978 tweets (22 tweets were excluded because they were not about hookah). We categorized the tweets as follows: 4,307 were pro-hookah; 370 were anti-hookah; 301 were neutral. Crowdsourcing was used to code themes in the tweets.

Figure. Methodology of a content analysis of hookah-related Twitter chatter.

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