New Mexico Tracking Program

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New Mexico (NM) Tracking helps the people of New Mexico understand the connection between health, environmental, and other factors, including social determinants of health. NM Tracking is a key resource in the state for environmental health knowledge, providing the platforms to establish and broaden epidemiology and response-focused programs and the development and sustainment of programs and services.

Quick Stats:

  • New Mexico is the fifth largest state by land mass, but one of the most rural states in the nation.
  • New Mexico is home to 23 federally recognized tribes, pueblos, and nations.
  • New Mexico is considered a minority-majority state where greater than 50 percent of the population self-identifies as a racial or ethnic minority.
  • Approximately 20% of residents receive their drinking water from wells that are not regulated for water quality. In order to address the needs and concerns of private well owners, NM Tracking supports private well water testing fairs, provides an on-line toolkit, and works with stakeholders to address well-water issues.
  • Some regions face challenges associated with dust and wind, dry air, and droughts; others are prone to extreme heat and wildland fires. NM Tracking collects and analyzes data related to weather and climate and provides toolkits and educational resources to these communities.
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Unique Data:

In addition to the set of standard data collected and displayed by all state and local tracking programs, individual programs may host data that are important to their populations.

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