Tracking Awareness Week – July 17–21, 2023

Data for Action - Tracking Awareness Week 2023 - July 17-21, 2023 | Photo of two people pointing out data on documents.

CDC’s National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program is hosting the eighth annual Tracking Awareness Week, July 17­-21, 2023. During this time, CDC, state and local health departments, partners, researchers, and people interested in environmental health come together to highlight important nationwide environmental health issues and showcase the work of the Tracking Program.

The theme for this year’s Tracking Awareness Week is Data for Action. Throughout the week, we will highlight

  • unique data and tools from CDC and grant recipients,
  • the network of people and partners that power Tracking Program resources, and
  • how people use data to inform public health actions to support healthier communities.


Each day of Tracking Awareness Week will highlight a different topic:

  • Monday: Innovation
  • Tuesday: Health equity
  • Wednesday: Data in action
  • Thursday: Collaboration
  • Friday: Data modernization

Data for Action

The Tracking Program’s data and tools are designed for action. The Tracking staff works hard to make sure that everyone has access to data and information so they can better understand and address environmental public health issues.

Learn about our data, projects, and partnerships and how they empower environmental and public health practitioners, healthcare providers, community members, policy makers, and others to make information-driven decisions that affect their health.

Informational Graphic: #TrackingChat Thursday July 20, 2023; 2-3PM ET - Data for Action

Get involved! Join us on Twitter from 2-3 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, July 20 for #TrackingChat.

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Tracking Awareness Week: Innovation (Orange with lightbulb icon and photo of woman using futuristic, lighted touchscreen)


Innovation is part of the Tracking Program’s DNA. We identify and creatively address challenges related to technology and processes, strengthening our ability to adapt quickly to changing situations.

► Explore our innovative resources and tools that help inform public health actions.

Daily webinar topic: Data Visualization Embedding: An Innovative Approach to Display and Share Environmental Health Data

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Tracking Awareness Week: Health Equity (Blue with balanced scales icon and photo of diverse hands joining)

Health Equity

Everyone deserves the same degree of protection from environmental and health hazards. The Tracking Program works to fill critical information gaps that contribute to health equity problems, supporting a world in which everyone has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

► Discover data and resources that shine a light on environmental justice and health equity issues around the country.

Daily webinar topic: Using Tracking’s Tools to Identify and Address Environmental Health Inequities

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Tracking Awareness Week: Data in Action (Green with arrow icon and photo of city planners overlooking construction)

Data in Action

Across the Tracking Program, staff members and partners use environmental and health data to implement policy changes, improve public health processes, and impact citizens in state and local communities.

► Catch up on the latest Tracking Program success stories of data in action.

Daily webinar topic: Tracking the Invisible: Leveraging Partnerships to Identify Radon Risk using Indoor Testing Data

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Tracking Awareness Week: Collaboration (blue with handshake icon and photo of people standing over planning documents}


Strong partnerships are essential to the Tracking Program. These collaborations help build skills and expand resources not only for the Tracking Program but for our partners as well.

► Learn about our partners and the projects we work on together.

Twitter Chat

Tracking Awareness Week: Data Modernization (Yellow with globe circuitry icon and photo of computer with chart)

Data Modernization

The Tracking Program knows that data modernization is more than just technology upgrades. It means having the right people, processes, and policies in place to prevent and lessen public health threats.

► Find out how the Tracking Program supports efforts to modernize public health data.

Daily webinar topic: Modernizing Environmental Health Surveillance: Unleashing the Power of Real-time Data

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