Sunlight & UV

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Tracking sunlight and UV exposures in a standard way can help us identify regions of high exposure and to track trends over time.

We Track That

The Tracking Network includes data on exposure to sunlight and UV in the United States. These data come from Emory University’s Environmental Remote Sensing Group at the Rollins School of Public Health. Additional data sources include LegiScanexternal icon and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Associationexternal icon.

Types of Data

Sunlight Exposure
This indicator provides state and county level data on monthly and annual average exposure to sunlight.

UV Radiation Exposure
This indicator provides state and county level data on monthly and annual average doses of UV irradiance measured daily and at noon.

Sunlight/UV Vulnerability and Preparedness
This indicator provides state-level data on laws regarding sunscreen use in schools and indoor tanning restrictions for individuals younger than 18 years.

Data in Action

Sunlight and UV exposure data can be used to:

  • Understand how solar radiation levels are changing across geography and time.
  • Identify areas where intensity may be increasing.
  • Provide data to help public health officials make informed decisions about planning and implementing programs and services for people living in regions of high exposure.
  • Determine which states have laws or policies in place to help reduce exposure to sunlight and UV, particularly among minors.

Monitoring, collecting, and disseminating sunlight and UV exposure information is the first step to developing policies and educational resources that can help prevent the harmful effects related to excessive exposures.

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