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Data-informed decisions create healthy communities


Provide information from a nationwide network of integrated health and environmental data that drives actions to improve community health


Over the past 20 years, the Environmental Public Health Tracking Program has collected, integrated, and analyzed non-infectious disease and environmental data from a nationwide network of partners.

At the local, state, and national levels, the Tracking Program uses a network of people and information systems to deliver a core set of health, exposure, and hazards data, information summaries, and tools to enable analysis, visualization and reporting of insights drawn from data.

Watch how CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Program uses a broad network of experts, data, and tools to connect environmental and public health information.

EH Nexus Webinar: Program Overview 2021
Presentation slide with text: Environmental Public Health Tracking provides better information for better health. Tracking Empowers people to make information-driven decisions to protect and improve health

In this Environmental Health Nexus Webinar subject matter experts discuss how CDC’s National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network delivers information to track environmental health factors over time and improve the health of communities with data, visualizations, and interactive tools.


Tracking Environmental Health Data for Public Health Decision Making
Tracking Environmental Health Data for Public Health Decision Making - Grand Rounds Presentation

This CDC Public Health Grand Rounds presentation discusses how CDC’s Tracking Program has made strides in addressing the lack of environmental health data, and how the program has informed public health decision making and action at the state and local levels.

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A Brief History

In 2001, the Pew Environmental Health Commission issued a report calling for the establishment of an environmental public health tracking network that would monitor the level of burden from environmentally related disease. In 2002, Congress appropriated funds to CDC to establish the Environmental Public Health Tracking Program.

The program is the first national effort to provide the United States with standardized health, environmental, and hazard data from multiple information systems that includes linkage of these data as part of regular surveillance activities. More…

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