Track or Treat

Protect yourself from public health frights that might be lurking in your neighborhood!

Carbon monoxide, UV and sunlight, poor air quality… these are just a few of the public health frights that may be haunting your neighborhood! Check out the animated public-health-themed Halloween cards from CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Network to learn more about the connection between our health and the environment. (Click images below to view a larger version.)

Join us for Track or Treat

Join CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Program as we celebrate Halloween each week in October with our “Track or Treat” series. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we share some public health frights in addition to Tracking’s unique data, tools, and resources. The Halloween season may be filled with frights, but staying informed can help protect you all year long!

Spread the Halloween spirit and raise awareness about public health frights that impact our health by sharing these cards with your followers and friends on social media!

Candelabra with text: "Shed some light on environmental health issues in your community."

Don’t be in the dark! Illuminate areas of concern with several of our topic-specific dashboards to help public health planners, the media, and the public stay informed about extreme heat, environmental justice, and more!

Graphic of red eyes peering underneath a bed with text: "There could be something lurking beneath you."

Radon causes over 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year. Every home should be tested for radon so individuals living there can see if their home has elevated radon levels and take steps to reduce it, if needed. View radon test data on CDC’s Tracking Network today!

Jack-o-lantern bucket, flashlight, mask, and candy graphics with text: "Halloween isn’t the only time to be prepared."

Did you know Tracking Network data can be used to prepare for and respond to natural disasters or other public health emergencies? With customizable maps, charts, and tables, our data explorer allows you to view data related to wildfires, precipitation & flooding, heat vulnerability, & more. Use our tools and stay prepared!

Barren tree graphic with leaves falling and text: "Fall into learning about environmental justice."

Environmental justice may seem mysterious, but it’s just the idea that all people are entitled to equal protection from environmental and health hazards and equal access to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. View environmental justice data or use our dashboard today!

Person wearing dinosaur costume with text overlay: The past can inform the future. View historical data today!

Knowledge of historical data about a community is essential for many public health practices, such as program planning and epidemiologic studies. For example, understanding unique community characteristics, such as flood vulnerability, land use, and medical infrastructure, can help establish priorities and take proper actions during the emergency or disaster response.

Venus flytrap with text overlay: Some populations are more at risk than others.

Did you know certain factors, like sex, age, or income, can influence an individual’s health, risk for certain diseases, and risk for being seriously affected by public health emergencies? The same is true for population groups. From demographic data to health status and more, you can view data on populations and vulnerabilities on the Tracking Network today!

Creature hand emerging from water with text above: "Danger may be lurking in your drinking water."

High quality drinking water is important to public health. Learn more about the types of drinking water contaminants CDC tracks and view community water system data with our Data Explorer tool.

Where you live can affect your health. Protect yourself from public health frights. #TrackorTreat

Make sure your house isn’t haunted by carbon monoxide (CO) or radon! Install CO detectors and test your home for radon. The environment in your community also affects your health. Check for environmental health issues in your zip code.

Cartoon ghost with text. "You may not be able to see carbon monoxide, but it's still scary."

Make sure your house isn’t being haunted by carbon monoxide! Install a carbon monoxide (CO) detector and check the batteries regularly. Keep all generators or gasoline powered engines at least 20 feet from any door, window, or vent.

Cartoon mummy with text: "Keep it under wraps. Protect yourself from sunlight and UV exposure."

Excessive sunlight and UV radiation exposure can come back to haunt you – it causes most melanomas (skin cancer).

Cartoon Jack-o-lantern with text: "Carve out some time to check out CDC Tracking's Data Explorer."

We dare you to make a map and share it with your friends and family! The Data Explorer on CDC’s Tracking Network allows you to make customizable maps, charts, and tables on 471 environmental health measures.

Cartoon witch with text. "The wind rushing through your hair could contain harmful pollutants."

Don’t fall off your broomstick at this news: pollutants like ozone and PM 2.5 (very small particulate matter, like smoke or dust) can cause lung problems.

Cartoon zombie with text. "Use your BRAINS! Avoid asthma triggers."

Some important indoor asthma triggers are: secondhand smoke, dust mites, air pollution, and mold. Know your triggers and have medication on hand in case you are exposed.

Explore asthma data and learn why we track asthma on the CDC Tracking Network.

Cartoon witch's cauldron with text: "Brew up an intoxicating blend of environmental health data on CDC Tracking’s Data Explorer."

Tracking has over a billion lines of data on health & environmental topic areas – and you don’t need eye of newt, just an internet connection. Brew up some data.

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