Notice of Funding Opportunities for Environmental Public Health Tracking

Key points

  • The current cooperative agreement began in 2022 and will last five years.
  • The Tracking Program funds 33 state and local health departments.
  • Activities include implementing local data networks, improving public health surveillance expertise, and modernizing data systems.

Current funding opportunities

2022 (CDC-RFA-EH22-2202): Modernizing Environmental Public Health Tracking to Advance Environmental Health Surveillance

There are two main purposes for this cooperative agreement.

  1. Continue building capacity and expertise in surveillance.
  2. Modernize data systems to empower information-driven health decisions.

Over a five-year period of performance, CDC will award approximately $20 million each budget year. The average award will range from approximately $300,000 to $1.5 million per year depending on the size and scope of activities.


CDC funds 33 recipients through the EH22-2202 cooperative agreement. Recipients are funded to engage in the following activities.

  • Build, maintain, and implement tracking programs and data networks
  • Increase capacity and expertise in environmental health surveillance
  • Modernize data systems