About Environmental Public Health Tracking

Key points

  • The Tracking Program collects, integrates, analyzes, and disseminates data from a variety of partners.
  • Our partners represent organizations from national, state, and local levels.
  • We provide timely, local, accessible information to drive actions to improve community health.


The Tracking Program delivers "Better information for better health."

Our Vision

Data-informed decisions create healthy communities

Our Mission

Provide information from a nationwide network of integrated health and environmental data that drives actions to improve community health


Environmental Public Health Tracking Program

The Tracking Program consists of a network of people (i.e., individuals and organizations) with responsibilities in protecting public health. These individuals create and implement a network of information systems (i.e., data systems and Web-based data query tools).

Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

CDC hosts a dynamic, web-based data system called the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. The Tracking Network brings together health data and environment data from a number of credible sources and provides supporting information to make the data easier to understand. CDC funds health departments to build and implement local tracking networks. These state and local data systems feed into the national Tracking Network.

Explore Data for Action‎

The Environmental Public Health Tracking Network is the Tracking Program's flagship data product. It is a dynamic, web-based data system that displays environmental health data that is easy to understand and use. Use it to create custom maps, tables, and charts.

Program priorities

These cross-cutting core values guide the Tracking Program’s overall approach and activities.


We emphasize the importance of identifying and creatively addressing challenges related to technology and processes. We focus on foundational concepts that strengthen our ability to adapt quickly to changing landscapes.


The concept of environmental public health tracking was founded with the intention of uniting disparate pieces into one whole. Pursuing and nurturing strategic partnerships builds skills and expands resources for the Tracking Program and for our partners.


Measuring and assessing activities and outcomes are critical to understanding the effectiveness and scalability of public health interventions. Regular, rigorous evaluation provides the necessary information for continuous improvement across all program activities and strategies.

Data in Action

Our data and tools are designed for action. We are dedicated to ensuring that data and information are accessible and actionable to all users. We do this so they can effectively understand and address environmental public health issues.

Commitment to Health Equity‎

The Tracking Program aligns with and supports CDC's CORE Commitment to Health Equity. We seek to advance health equity by filling critical information gaps that contribute to health inequities associated with environmental factors.


Since 2002, the Tracking Program has collected, integrated, and analyzed non-infectious disease and environmental data from a nationwide network of partners.

Our data and products empower all kinds of people to make information-driven decisions about their health. These include

  • environmental and public health practitioners
  • healthcare providers
  • community members
  • policy makers
  • others


Phone: 1-800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636)

Email: trackingsupport@cdc.gov

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