Tracking: Better Information for Better Health

Explore the infographics below to learn more about how CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Network delivers better information for better health. View the full-sized infographic here.

Infographic with text: "Tracking Connects Environmental & Health Information. Check out CDC's data explorer and state and local tracking programs for more information."

Tracking Connects Environment and Health Information

The Tracking Network has data and information on the environment, exposures, health effects and population characteristics. Check out CDC’s Data Explorer to view dynamic maps, charts and graphs on many different health topics. Also, check out State and Local Tracking Programs for even more topics, such as harmful algal blooms, radon, and food safety information!

Tracking Delivers Data Relevant to Your Needs

Tracking Delivers Data Relevant to Your Needs

Tracking displays environmental and health data in many different ways, such as CDC’s Data Explorer, the Application Program Interface (API), and Info by Location!

State and Local Tracking Programs also develop tools, applications, and products that go beyond data and inform public health action:

Tracking is more than just data. Trackins is also a diverse network of experts.

Tracking is More than Just Data

Tracking includes a diverse network of experts and resources that help solve environmental and health issues across the United States.


Tracking helps improve health with data, tools, and expertise

Tracking Helps Improve Health

Read Tracking Success Stories, watch Tracking in Action Videos, and check out Faces of Tracking to learn about how Tracking helps enact public health change across the United States.