Wastewater Resources

Septic Tank Construction

Malfunctioning septic systems can contaminate groundwater and surface water, potentially affecting individuals as well as the environment.

Explore these onsite (decentralized) wastewater resources for environmental health professionals from CDC and partners.

Tools and Guidance
   Papers by the Decentralized Wastewater Management MOU Partnership (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA) – Read information for state, local, and tribal governments addressing economic, environmental, and public health aspects of decentralized wastewater treatment (produced in collaboration with CDC)
Sanitary System Diagram

Local Board of Health Guide to On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems [PDF – 933 KB]   National Association of Local Boards of Health, NALBOH) – Learn about the role of local boards of health in effective on-site wastewater treatment programs (produced in collaboration with CDC)

Septic Smart Banner US EPA

Septic Systems Outreach Toolkit (EPA) – Find materials, case studies, and resources to help promote homeowner education on the importance of septic system maintenance.

   Wastewater Fact Sheet [PDF – 261 KB] (NALBOH) – Read about board of health actions related to wastewater.

Graphic image of plot of land with an area for run off water.

Wastewater Management – Read an overview of how land use decisions related to wastewater management affect water quality and public health.

Photo of an EPHOC instructor giving course on Pest Control

Environmental Public Health Online Courses (EPHOC) – Access comprehensive online/on-demand package of courses for environmental public health practitioners including a module on wastewater

Healthy Housing Reference Manual Cover

Healthy Housing Reference Manual – Find information on the impact of housing on health and safety including a chapter on onsite wastewater treatment

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Wastewater Publications – Explore our wastewater publications