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EHS Fact Sheets

Explore fact sheets related to our work.
Environmental Health Services [PDF – 696 KB]

Food Safety

Fact Sheets

Can Restaurant Managers Talk with Sick Workers? 3 Things Restaurant Managers Need To Know [PDF – 175 KB]

Environmental Health Specialists Network (EHS-Net) [PDF – 732 KB]

Environmental Public Health Practice and CDC’s Food Safety Winnable Battle [PDF – 479 KB]

National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS) [PDF – 322 KB]

Plain Language Study Findings: Food Safety

Restaurant Food Safety Studies [PDF – 151 KB]

Safe Water

Fact Sheets

Use the Model Aquatic Health Code to Make Swimming Healthy and Safe

When Every Drop Counts: Protecting Public Health During Drought Conditions—A Guide for Public Health Professionals [PDF – 173 KB]

Vector Control

Stormwater Management and Vector Breeding Habits [PDF – 221 KB]

Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals (VCEHP) [PDF – 193 KB]

What Is Integrated Pest Management? [PDF – 305 KB]


Environmental Public Health Online Courses (EPHOC) [PDF – 554 KB]

Environmental Public Health Performance Standards [PDF – 165 KB]

National Strategy to Revitalize Environmental Public Health Services [PDF – 486 KB]

Public Health Response Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Public Health Directors (PHERG): in English [PDF – 233 KB] and in Spanish [PDF – 218 KB]

Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) [PDF – 212 KB]

More fact sheets related to environmental health can be found on the NCEH List of Fact Sheets.

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