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MMWR – Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports

Masters NB, Mathis AD, Leung J, Raines K, Clemmons NS, Miele K, et al. Public health actions to control measles among Afghan evacuees during Operation Allies Welcome — United States, September–November 2021. MMWR. 2022;71(17):592-6. (Daly S, Lopez R)

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Brown L, Smith C, Wildey L. Protecting retail food safety by strengthening partnerships and collaboration.external icon [commentary] J Environ Health. 2022;84(7):32-4.

Cruz MA, Rivera-González LO, Irvin-Barnwell E, Cabrera-Marquez J, Ellis E, Ellis B, et al. Public health branch incident management and support as part of the federal government response during the emergency phase of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.external icon J Emerg Manag. 2022;19(8):63-77. (Gerding JA, Laco J, Rodriguez LO)

Curtiss E, Hils J, Kunz J. Water management programs are key to managing Legionella growth and spread.external icon [commentary] J Environ Health. 2022;84(6):30-2.

Curtiss E, Hils J, Rokisky J. Keep your water safe with CDC’s resources.external icon [commentary] J Environ Health. 2022;84(10):42-3.

Hedeen ND, Schaffner D, Brown LG. Tools and techniques to promote proper food cooling in restaurants.external icon J Environ Health. 2022;84(7):8-11.

James AE, Kesteloot K, Paul J, McMullen RL, Louie S, Waters C, et al. Potential Association of Legionnaires’ Disease with Hot Spring Water, Hot Springs National Park and Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA, 2018–2019. Emerg Infect Dis. 2022;28(1):44-50. [Ritter T, Kunz J]

Laco J, Aluko S, Hlavsa M. CDC tools to help prevent pathogen transmission in increased-risk aquatic venues.external icon [commentary] J Environ Health. 2022;84(9):32-3.

Neset K, Ritter T, Hanson R, Hargrove R. Partnering increases access to water on the Navajo Nation.external icon The Military Engineer. 2022;737:62-65.

Rodriguez L, Wilson H. Data modernization: Making environmental health services data more accessible.external icon [commentary] J Environ Health. 2022;84(8):34-6.

Wittry BC, Holst MM, Anderberg J, Hedeen N. Operational antecedents associated with Clostridium perfringens outbreaks in retail food establishments, United States, 2015–2018.external icon Foodborne Pathogens Dis. 2022; ahead of print.