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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Casillas G, Hubbard BC, Telfer J, Zarate-Bermudez M, Muianga C, Zarus GM, et al. Microplastics scoping review of environmental and human exposure data. Microplastics. 2023:2(1);78-92. (Hunter CM) Online ahead of print 2023 Jan 23.

Kramer A, Hoover ER, Hedeen N, DiPrete L, Tuttle J, Irving DJ, et al. Development of an empirically derived measure of food safety culture in restaurants. J Food Prot. (Moritz E, Brown L)

Lutfy C, Salame-Alfie A, McCurley C. Radon outreach: Helping people see an invisible risk. [commentary] J Environ Health. 2023;85(6):30–2.