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News and Features

This page provides links to this year’s EHS spotlight and news articles.

Quick links to past EHS spotlight and news articles by year:
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2018 News Items

Emergency Response Training in California: Piloting the Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response Operations Course in a Local Environmental Health Department – Guest Authors Marcy Barnett and Bernice Zaidel and CDC’s Martin Kalis discuss a unique training opportunity for the San Diego County environmental health department to practice specific scenarios in preparation for a local emergency.

Now What? A Tool to Help Commercial Fishermen Encountering Sea-Disposed Chemical Munitions – CDC’s CDR Danielle Mills introduces a new tool to protect the health of those who encounter chemical munitions at sea during commercial fishing, clamming, and dredging operations.

Benefits of Collaboration between a County Health Department and a Local University in North Carolina – CDC author Max Zarate-Bermudez and guest author Samantha Dye discuss how the health department in Gaston County, North Carolina, collaborated with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to help private well users reduce exposures to potential contaminants in their water.

PHF Partners with Tribes to Support Tribal Drinking Water Program Improvement – Read this blog about how CDC and the Public Health Foundation are providing technical assistance and training for tribal drinking water programs around the country.

September Is National Food Safety Month – Celebrate National Food Safety Month with these resources for food safety programs! Find information on food safety training, reporting, and research, along with new resources from other CDC colleagues and partners.

Get Ready for SepticSmart Week, September 17-21, 2018 – Download EPA’s Free SepticSmart Outreach Toolkit for downloadable, printable materials targeted to homeowners, including infographics and guides, web graphics and social media messages, and editable proclamation templates for community leaders.

Environmental Assessment Training Series (EATS): Practical Training for Food Safety Officials Hungry to Enhance Environmental Assessment Skills – CDC authors Erik Coleman and Laura Brown discuss CDC’s free online training to improve competency with conducting environmental assessments as part of foodborne illness outbreak investigations.

Announcing the 2018 Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) – Find updated content on disinfection and water quality, lifeguarding and bather supervision, risk management and safety, emerging public health topics, and continuing challenges for public pools and hot tubs/spas.

Advancing Public Health Departments’ Legionnaires’ Disease Prevention Efforts through the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases Cooperative Agreement – CDC authors LCDR Candis Hunter, CDR Laura Cooley, and CDR Jasen Kunz discuss how CDC has improved state and local capacity for Legionella outbreak response and prevention activities.

Take CDC’s New Training for Investigating Foodborne Illness Outbreaks – Practice applying environmental assessment skills in multiple outbreak scenarios.

New Studies on Retail Deli Practices – Reduce the risk of Listeria monocytogenes and other germs that cause foodborne illness and outbreaks by following practices from How Retail Delis Refrigerate Food and How Often Retail Delis Inspect Their Slicers.

Organizational Characteristics of Local Health Departments and Environmental Health Services and Activities – Learn about the association between characteristics of local health departments and delivery of environmental health services in their communities.

Why Are Environmental Health Services So Important? – Watch this new video to learn how environmental health services protect public health.

FREE Resources Organized by the 10 Essential Environmental Public Health Services – Find tools to help your program fill performance gaps with our list of resources indexed by the 10 Essential Environmental Public Health Services.  Also, download our graphic illustrating the 10 Essential Services from the Public Health Image Library!

A Web-Based Review of Environmental Health Vector Control Services in the United States – Authors Andrew Ruiz, Christine Vanover, Alexis Parale, and CDR Justin Gerding discuss the role of environmental health in vector control services and how programs can strengthen their capacity.

March 11-17 Is National Groundwater Awareness Week – Explore our private well resources for environmental health programs.

Capturing Data on Contributing Factors to Outbreaks With the National Environmental Assessment Reporting System – In this column, CDR Adam Kramer, Maggie Byrne, and Elaine Curtiss discuss how contributing factors help CDC and partners understand how and why outbreaks occur.

Infographic on the Safe Water for Community Health (Safe WATCH) program – Learn how CDC works with health departments to improve well water programs.

Reducing Legionnaires’ Disease in Public Spas [PDF – 117 KB] – Learn how CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code offers critical guidance for reducing the risk of Legionnaires’ disease in public aquatic facilities in this column in ASHRAE Journal.

Safe Water Program Improvement e-Learning Series – Take CDC’s training for safer well water through stronger public health programs using the 10 Essential Environmental Public Health Services.

Improving Safe Drinking Water Programs One Essential Service at a Time: Closing the Water Quality Gap [PDF – 367 KB] – Guest columnist Greg Miao from ChangeLab Solutions explains how policy has been used to address federally unregulated drinking water.

Earlier news items are available on the News and Features Archive page.