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Understanding the Needs, Challenges, Opportunities, Vision, and Emerging Roles in Environmental Health (UNCOVER EH) collected information from more than 1,700 EH professionals in health departments across the nation, the first such assessment of the EH workforce.

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Environmental Health Practice Challenges and Research Needs for U.S. Health Departments (in Environmental Health Perspectives)

Visual abstract [PDF – 293 KB] of the findings from National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)

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Identifying Needs for Advancing the Profession and Workforce in Environmental Health (in the American Journal of Public Health; free full text available courtesy of Baylor University)

Visual abstract [PDF – 395 KB] of the findings (NEHA)

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Explore key findings about the EH workforce and practice, including demographic information, common program areas, and education.

Fact Sheets on Specific Topics
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Earnings and Education in EH: At a Quick Glance [PDF 1.45 MB]
Explore what UNCOVER EH found about salaries in the EH profession with this in-depth fact sheet from NEHA.

Curious About Credentials? Credentialing in EH: At a Quick Glance [PDF – 1.31 MB]
Find out about the use of the Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian (REHS/RS) among EH professionals with this in-depth fact sheet from NEHA.

UNCOVER EH Cover of June Journal of Environmental Health

Read the journal article with findings on demographics, characteristics, education, practice areas, and aspects of leadership and satisfaction (free full text available courtesy of NEHA).

CDC, NEHA, and Baylor University partnered on UNCOVER EH to hear directly from EH professionals working at health departments about their practice, work, and challenges.

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