Environmental Health Specialists Network (EHS-Net)

EHS-Net (pronounced S-Net) is a collaborative forum of environmental health specialists whose mission is to improve environmental health practice. These specialists collaborate with epidemiologists and laboratorians to identify and prevent environmental factors contributing to foodborne illness outbreaks.

Did you know that more than half of all foodborne illness outbreaks in the United States are associated with restaurants? EHS-Net did, and since 2002, EHS-Net has conducted studies on restaurant food safety. Read EHS-Net-Improving Restaurant Food Safety One Study at a Time. Cdc-pdf[PDF – 168 KB]

Read about how EHS-Net’s environmental public health practice work supports CDC’s Winnable Battle on Food Safety. Cdc-pdf[PDF – 305 KB]

Read about the key role of food service in preventing norovirus outbreaks in the June 2014 CDC Vital Signs.

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