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Tools from Funded Partners

This page features tools from funded health department partners working to reduce foodborne illness and outbreaks in their communities. This page will be updated as new partner resources come available. To view EHS-Net research publications, including those by partners, make sure to visit our EHS-Net Publications page.

Graphic image of the ABC Apps Icon.ABCEats: Restaurant Letter Grading App (Fund for Public Health/New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene) - restaurant grades and detailed inspection reports on New York City's 24,000 restaurants (you can also read an article [PDF - 632 KB] or watch a video presentation about this program)

Commercial Food Equipment Standards (NSF) – new standards for commercial slicers revised in response to Rhode Island EHS-Net’s discovery that improperly designed slicers contributed to an outbreak (read the success story)

Environmental Health Norovirus Outbreak Checklist [DOC - 16 KB] (Minnesota Department of Health) – checklist of steps to take when conducting an environmental assessment as part of norovirus outbreak investigation

Food Code Provisions [PDF - 7 MB] (Food and Drug Administration, FDA) – model provisions on the sale of undercooked ground meat in children’s menu items (section 3-401.11(D)(2)) and on certified kitchen managers (sections 2-102.12 and 2-102.20). Jurisdictions can use FDA’s Food Code as a model for their own food codes to improve restaurant food safety. These provisions were developed as a result of EHS-Net findings.

Materials on Sanitation Concerns with Commercial Deli Slicers (FDA) – English and Spanish poster and flyer targeting restaurant operators, frontlinePhoto showing the correct and incorrect way to cut raw chicken. restaurant staff, and food safety professionals developed as a result of Rhode Island’s environmental assessment of a Salmonella outbreak (read the success story)

Raw Chicken Training Materials for Restaurant Operators (County of San Mateo Health Services Agency) - multilingual (English, Spanish, Chinese) resources to train restaurant workers on proper handling of raw chicken to prevent foodborne illness associated with Campylobacter (read an article about these tools [PDF - 485 KB])