EHS-Net Resources

Find EHS-Net tools and resources to help improve your food safety program.

Tools from Partners

Tools from health department partners working to reduce foodborne illness and outbreaks in their communities.

Study Tools

Printable study tools for EHS-Net research studies in packages of study protocols, data collection instruments, and data collection instructions.

Consumer Foodborne Illness Complaint Form

Printable Consumer Foodborne Illness Complaint Form pdf icon[PDF – 104 KB] to capture information from consumers about their foodborne illness complaints. State and local environmental health specialists can use this form to help determine whether a complaint should be investigated as potentially linked to a foodborne illness outbreak.

National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS)

CDC surveillance system to capture environmental assessment data from foodborne illness outbreak investigations to improve your food safety programs.

Environmental Assessment Training Series (EATS)

e-Learning on how to conduct environmental assessments of restaurants implicated in an outbreak (EATS 101) and practice applying skills in multiple outbreak scenarios (EATS 102).

Food Manager Certification

CDC endorsement on certification of food safety kitchen managers. A 2006 EHS-Net study found that restaurants with managers certified in food safety are less likely to be involved in foodborne disease outbreaks than are restaurants without managers certified in food safety.