September Is National Food Safety Month

Celebrate National Food Safety Month with these resources for food safety programs!

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Celebrating Our 2015-2020 EHS-Net Partners

CDC congratulates the 2015-2020 Environmental Health Specialist Network (EHS-Net) partners for their work to identify and address the root causes of foodborne illness. EHS-Net is a collaboration of state, local, and federal agencies that conduct research in restaurants and other food retail settings to improve policies and practices. Our 2015-2020 EHS-Net partners published 8 studies on retail delis, food allergies, food cooling, and sick workers.

Foodborne Outbreak Contributing Factors: The Key to Prevention

Food preparation practices that lead to germs in food contribute to foodborne outbreaks. Environmental health and food safety staff can find these and other contributing factors for outbreaks and help prevent future outbreaks.

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“NEARS [data] has been a valuable asset to…
target prevention efforts
in the field.”

– NEARS User

NEARS Helps Target Prevention Efforts

Our National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS) found that norovirus outbreaks in restaurants were smaller and shorter when restaurants had preventive practices such as cleaning policies, food safety training, and certified food safety managers on staff. These findings suggest that restaurants can take steps to reduce the impact of outbreaks.

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