September Is National Food Safety Month

Celebrate Food Safety Month with These Environmental Health Resources

Watch the replay of our free food safety webinar!

Join us for an engaging food safety webinar, Set the Table: Improving Restaurant Food Safety Through Science and Practice. Hear from Dr. Laura Brown and Lieutenant Commander Beth Wittry from CDC and Thuy Kim from the University of Minnesota.

They shared information on key CDC training and surveillance resources for outbreaks, along with exciting new research findings on restaurant food safety. This free webinar is offered as part of the Environmental Health Nexus series. The webinar broadcasted via Zoom on Tuesday, September 13, from 1:00–2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Three images of speakers Dr. Laura Brown and LCDR Beth Wittry from CDC and Thuy Kim from the University of Minnesota.

How do restaurant grading and posting relate to outbreak rates?

Sign with the letter A

Read our new paper, published in the Journal of Food Protection, on restaurant grading practices and outbreaks. Restaurants that posted inspection results at the restaurant had fewer outbreaks than restaurants that posted results online or not at all. Use of letter grades in restaurant inspections also was associated with fewer outbreaks than no grading.

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Take our Environmental Assessment Training Series (EATS) to learn concepts, key skills, and steps for environmental assessments of restaurants implicated in an outbreak. The training has simulated exercises on interviewing food workers, collecting environmental samples, and determining how and why germs got into the environment and spread.

Is your jurisdiction participating in our National Environmental Assessment Reporting System, NEARS? Learn more about NEARS and explore our latest NEARS findings to learn about the three underlying root causes that precede C. perfringens outbreaks.

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