September Is National Food Safety Month

Celebrate Food Safety Month with These Environmental Health Resources

Are you ready to improve outbreak investigations in your jurisdiction?

Successful outbreak investigations include an environmental assessment where investigators look for evidence about how and why the outbreak happened. (Learn more.)

Contributing factors are “how” an outbreak happened and root causes are “why.” Identifying these factors and causes can help determine the steps needed to stop the outbreak and prevent future ones. Both contributing factors and root causes are key aspects of environmental assessments.

  • Watch our short training video on contributing factors.
  • Use our resources to identify root causes, including a
    • One-pager on the five types of root causes
    • Field guide on root causes for use during outbreak investigations
    • In-depth reference manual for those reporting root cause data

Deepen your knowledge and take action around environmental assessments.

What can you do to help prevent outbreaks?

Norovirus social media image with a poop emoji cupcake by a sink.

Download and share handwashing social media graphics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.

Restaurant managers can develop and enforce policies that require workers with certain symptoms to

  • Notify their managers and
  • Stay home or not work with food.

Restaurant managers can also talk with sick workers. Learn three things restaurant managers need to know.

The Food and Drug Administration Food Code provides science-based guidance to improve food safety.

This year, FDA is commemorating 30 years of the Food Code. States that adopted key provisions from the Food Code had lower rates of foodborne norovirus outbreaks. However, not all states have adopted the latest edition of the Food Code.

The Retail Food Safety Regulatory Association Collaborative brings together key partners to promote increased adoption of the Food Code.

  • Access the adoption toolkit for a map showing state adoption, links to articles on the impact of the Food Code, and more.
  • Read the cover article [PDF – 1MB] of this month’s Journal of Environmental Health, which highlights how the Collaborative supports adoption of the Food Code.
  • Read our column about the Collaborative’s most popular tools and resources to drive food safety.

Explore more resources from CDC and our partners.

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